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Good puppy treats for good puppies - Happy Hound Treats

Good puppy treats for good puppies

Puppies are a great joy. They are very playful, eager, happy, not to mention adorable. It's only natural that we want to reward our baby dogs with puppy treats when they behave as we'd like them to. What are some good, healthy foods to use for puppy treats?

Beef liver is perhaps the perfect treat for puppies or any dog. Beef liver is tasty, nutritious, and portable. 

When you first bring a puppy home, you're eager to give your puppy the best available food and treats to ensure a healthy development. Be very careful not to feed your puppy any rich human food. 

If you want the best for your puppy, you might want to spend a little extra money on treats that are healthier. Natural dog treats, for example, contain vitamins and minerals to help developing puppies stay healthy and strong. Natural treats can help prevent the development of skin problems, digestive problems, allergies, diabetes, and kidney problems. 

Never give a puppy or any dog a chicken or turkey bone. These can splinter when chewed and can be sharp while it goes down the digestive track. It can pierce vital organs and cause a fatality. If you want to help your puppy satisfy its urges to chew, use treats such as split antlers, Yak Snacks and Pizzles

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How to use dog training treats for the sit and down cues - Happy Hound Treats

How to use dog training treats for the sit and down cues

Dog training treats can be an effective way to reward good and teach new behaviors. The key to effective training using dog training treats is to use them in a very controlled manner. In other words, it's up to you to make sure that your dog doesn't get a treat whenever they wants one. Keep the high value super charged! Only offer the treat as a legitimate reward for a job well done. 
The method of the use of treats for training a dog can be summed up in teaching the dog how to sit. First, gather the treats and keep them handy in your pocket. Take the treat and hold it above the dog's head, this treat position will encourage your dog to sit. As soon as your dogs bottom touches the floor use a positive marker word such as 'Yes' and then give a reward. Once your dog has mastered the sit position you can start to pair this behavior with a cue word such as "sit"
Make sure to hold the treat high enough that your dog actually has to sit and look up to see the treat. Reward your fur baby with the treat and praise them. Repeat this exercise a few more times, then do the entire process again the next day. 
During the course of the day, you can reinforce the cue, especially at mealtimes. Hold your dogs dish above their head and issue the "sit" cue. Once your dog sits, let them have their dish.
You can use treats for a more advanced behaviour such as "down." To teach the down cue, have a treat in your hand and push the treat forward in between your dogs front paws, this will teach your dog the down position from standing avoiding the pitfalls may dog owners hit of  their dog having to sit before they will move into the down position. Once your dog is in the correct position once again use your marker word  such as Yes or Nice and reward. Once your dog has mastered this position then move onto pairing the behaviour with a cue word such as 'down' or 'drop' <br> Down is a little more difficult and requires quite a bit of patience, as some dogs will have a tendency to pounce at your hand instead of lying down. Always remember to praise the dog as they receive the treat for extra positive reinforcement.
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Top 10 Natural Treats & Chews for Your Puppy - Happy Hound Treats

Top 10 Natural Treats & Chews for Your Puppy


Are you adding a new puppy to your family? If so then this truly is an exciting occasion! When preparing to welcome a pup there are so many considerations, things like bedding, toys, training and food. Something that is often overlooked is what kind of treats and chews you will give to your puppy. Some natural selections can help with training, teething, and help to promote calmness. Last month, our blog Healthy Dog Treats and Chews addressed natural treats that dogs love and their health benefits. There is such a wide variety of foods and treats out there for dogs. Commercially mass-produced dog treats and chews tend to include many ingredients and sugars that should be avoided. When your puppy matures to eight weeks, it graduates from puppy mush to dog food and this is when you can introduce natural treats & chews! But since puppies' tummies are sensitive, we need to be careful of what we feed them. When looking at training treats and chews, the key is to find products with a single source-protein and low-fat percentages. These will be more gentle on their young stomachs.

Our Top 10 Puppy Treats Longer lasting chews to help with Teething & Calmness

Gnawing and biting things are how your young pup of around twelve weeks loses its milk teeth to make room for its adult teeth. You'll know "teething time" has come when your fur baby starts drooling a lot, sticking foot-in-mouth, chewing everything, and sometimes leaving a mixture of blood and saliva on chew-toys. Teething is one of the most destructive times of a young pup's life, so giving them an outlet not only protects your furniture, but it also relieves their sore gums and teeth.

1. Split antler - these are a humane and constructive way for your pup to let its chewing energy out. Split antlers are cut in half to reveal the marrow, which is the part your dog loves and is much softer for young pups. This makes it a lot easier to get the nutrients out and accustom themselves to chewing things they're allowed to (instead of your shoes).

2. Root chew - this kind of chew is selected from trees such as Java or Heath, which are dense and don't splinter. They are not as hard as bone and do not hurt over-excited dog's teeth. Root Chews can last a very long time, and they're 100% natural; 100% wood.

3. Pizzle - this is a single-ingredient treat (also known as a bully stick) that is essentially the organ of a bull. Dogs love organ meats, and they're good for them! Pizzles are 100% beef, high in protein, and very digestible.

4. Yak snack - the Yak Snack is a long-lasting, tasty dog chew made using the 100% natural hard cheese that the people of the Himalayas have enjoyed for centuries. The Yak Snack is a variation of the traditional food that is both a healthy and a low-fat treat for your dog.

For Training

As soon as you get your pup, begin training right away. We love games-based training and highly recommend checking out AbsoluteDogs. Don't forget to always be patient and positive!

We will continue our top 10 list with some training treats.

5. Pork spaghetti - this treat is 100% pig intestine or "spaghetti." It is very high in protein and has only one ingredient and source of protein. Pork spaghetti is very digestible for dogs (unlike other parts of a pig). We recommend chopping up into small pieces to use for training.

6 to 10. Doggy Sausages – Yes we cheated a little here, so we will throw in some bonus feel-good treats. Venison sausage, Liver sausage, Chicken sausage, Roast beef & Golden Paste sausages are firm favourites for many dogs. We use these as our main training treat, they are super high value and can be cut into tiny pieces to avoid overfeeding.

Bonus Feel-Good Treats

Trachea - this is 100% single ingredient (beef) and fully digestible. It's also good for your dog's joints.

Beef gullet and gullet tubes - these contain some amino acids that are also good for joints and mobility.

Fish cubes - fish is high in Omega 3's, which help the development of the brain and its functions.

Beef tripe - not only is beef tripe nutritious, but its texture cleans out your dog's gums, teeth and natural enzymes help settle upset tummies.

Happy Hound Treats is an independent family-run business, specialising in affordable, high-quality, natural training treats and chews.

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Healthy Dog Treats and Chews - Top 5 Natural Hacks - Happy Hound Treats

Healthy Dog Treats and Chews - Top 5 Natural Hacks


In the UK, there are an estimated 24% of households that have one or more dogs as part of their family. To most families dogs aren’t just pets; they are fur babies and members of their families. Doggies human friends want to do whatever they can to ensure that they live long and healthy lives as possible. A key part of this is to ensure a healthy balanced diet. It is estimated that in across the UK families will collectively spend 2.9 billion on pet food, but How much of this food is healthy enough to be worthy of your furry friend?

It’s important that you ensure that your furry loved ones get the diet and nutrition that they deserve. One way to do this is by feeding them all-natural dried treats and chews as part of a balanced diet. These will not only offer amazing high-value rewards and treats, but there are also numerous health benefits to them as well. Let’s get right to the health hacks!!

Even the best dog owners can struggle with making sure that their dog’s teeth are cleaned properly. That’s why it can be a great benefit to find healthy treats that your dog will love as well. Dental problems can have a negative impact on your dog’s overall health, which is why dental care is so important to your doggies. In addition to the regular cleanings that you should get with your vet, getting the right chews and treats can be the tool that you need to keep their dental health in the best shape possible. With natural treats, you can help them get those clean and shiny teeth that are signs of great dental health. This is a win/win scenario for both you and your dog. You get a cheap and easy way to clean their teeth, and your dog gets a treat that they love.

Ostrich Bones are delicious and nutritional, suitable for most breeds these lightweight non-splintering bones are irresistible to dogs.

Pig Ears are a favourite dog chew of almost every dog - its satisfies the chewing instinct

Tracheas big and perfect for all but the smallest of dogs, a great natural source of Glucosamine

Pizzles one of our most popular dog treats. They are a great choice for dogs that like to chew and they are a great way to maintain your dog’s oral hygiene.

Buffalo Horns long-lasting chew for those medium to large dogs. These are great to stuff with dog food or other treats.

Rabbit Ears ears help to strengthen your dog's jaw muscles and also help to improve dental hygiene by keeping teeth clean.

Some dogs just have more sensitive stomachs than others. If your dog has a sensitive stomach or is struggling with an upset tummy, you may need to adjust the treats that you give them. This means that you need to find a treat that only contains a single source of protein and is low fat, ideally below 5%. Dogs can have reactions to different foods that they eat or even suffer from food sensitivities that can cause them discomfort. That can be a big problem for dogs, especially if you’re not investing in quality, all-natural options for your dog. Natural treats and chew exclude harmful ingredients that can cause further stomach upset.

Beef Tripe is a bit smelly but oh so good. Tasty, chewy and great for the digestion and can help settle an upset stomach due to the enzymes it contains

Beef Gullet is lean meat, low fat and good quality treat. Suitable for all dogs over 8 weeks old

Pizzle are one of our most popular dog treats. Single source protein and low in fat, great to feed dogs who get upset tummies.

When we eat, we have to be careful of our calorie count to ensure that we stay a healthy weight. We have to do the same for our dogs, especially since some breeds (like Labradors) are prone to obesity problems. To help your dog lose weight if they are overweight or to help them maintain their fit physique, healthy all-natural treats are exactly what your beloved pet needs. Natural treats and chews in combination with getting enough exercise and a balanced diet can help keep your dog at a healthy weight or help them lose weight as needed. Dog obesity can lead to a whole host of problems if you can’t get them healthy again. That doesn’t mean you need to not give your dog treats, you just need to be sure that you give them healthy, high-quality treats.

Some great low-calorie all-natural treat options include:

Soft Chicken Stuffed Penne are chewie and super low in fat. 

Ostrich Bones are suitable for most breeds these lightweight non-splintering bones are irresistible to dogs.

Pizzles is a single source protein and low in fat, great to feed dogs who get upset tummies.

Beef Tripe is a bit smelly but oh so good. Only 8% fat content

Beef Gullet is lean meat, low fat and good quality treat. Suitable for all dogs over 8 weeks old

Meat Delicacy Mix is a super low mix of meats that are cut into small pieces, these are awesome for training treats

Sausage topped with beef Something different, this chew is proving to be very popular with our customers . Cow hide centre covered with beef sausage. Best of all super low in fat.

Rabbit Ears super yummy, low calorie treats. Also great for teeth

Do you have a puppy that just loves to chew anything and everything? Or any dog in fact that can’t seem to stop chewing all day long. If you are tired of having your house destroyed by your dog’s chewing, you need a healthy alternative that will make you both happy. These Natural chews and treats are perfect to give them the healthy treats they need and protect your home from your favourite furry friend.

These are some great choices to help protect your home from destructive chewers or teething puppies:

Deer Split Antlers are healthy chew, they are long-lasting and full of minerals and calcium. Your dog will grind down the antler over time meaning there is very little mess and the antlers have no odour.

Yak Chews are a long-lasting, tasty dog chew made using the 100% natural hard cheese that the people of the Himalayas have enjoyed for centuries.

Venison Chews are extremely hard ideal for those heavy teethers.

Buffalo Horns a great long-lasting chew for those medium to large dogs.

These are great to stuff with dog food or other treats.

Some dogs are prone to joint issues and as they age, which means it’s time for you to get serious about their joint health sooner rather than later. Joint pain can be caused by dysplasia, osteoarthritis, or various other conditions that can be caused by their genetics or as they get older. When talking about joint health, you are talking about not only the joints, but also the cartilage, fluid in the bones, ligaments, and the connecting bones. Through proper nutrition, you can help offer the nutrients that your dog needs to have healthy joints. Some treats can be better options than others.

Pork Spaghetti is a perfect high-value treat.

High in vitamins A, E, D3 - this will support efficient metabolism, bone growth.

Chicken Feet make a nice crunchy and easy treat for many dogs. Chicken feet are a natural source of glucosamine

Duck Necks are a great source of Calcium and contain highly digestible Proteins that are rich in Selenium. Duck meat contains other essential fatty acids and trace mineral elements.

Beef Meaty Bones air-dried meat on the bone provides protein as well as acts as digestive fibres, helping in the absorption of nutrients during digestion. Bone with marrow is a good source of nutrition.

If you’re like most people, your dog is more than just a pet. They are your best friend. They are your fur baby. You want to make sure that they get the best treats and chews so that they can live a long, healthy life. Natural treats and chews are the perfect solutions that allow your pets the happiness that treats give them while giving you peace of mind that you are giving your dog exactly what they need.

For any further advice on the best natural treats for your dog please visit the Happy Hound Treats website. www.happyhoundtreats.co.uk

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