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How to use dog training treats for the sit and down cues - Happy Hound Treats

How to use dog training treats for the sit and down cues

Dog training treats can be an effective way to reward good and teach new behaviors. The key to effective training using dog training treats is to use them in a very controlled manner. In other words, it's up to you to make sure that your dog doesn't get a treat whenever they wants one. Keep the high value super charged! Only offer the treat as a legitimate reward for a job well done. 
The method of the use of treats for training a dog can be summed up in teaching the dog how to sit. First, gather the treats and keep them handy in your pocket. Take the treat and hold it above the dog's head, this treat position will encourage your dog to sit. As soon as your dogs bottom touches the floor use a positive marker word such as 'Yes' and then give a reward. Once your dog has mastered the sit position you can start to pair this behavior with a cue word such as "sit"
Make sure to hold the treat high enough that your dog actually has to sit and look up to see the treat. Reward your fur baby with the treat and praise them. Repeat this exercise a few more times, then do the entire process again the next day. 
During the course of the day, you can reinforce the cue, especially at mealtimes. Hold your dogs dish above their head and issue the "sit" cue. Once your dog sits, let them have their dish.
You can use treats for a more advanced behaviour such as "down." To teach the down cue, have a treat in your hand and push the treat forward in between your dogs front paws, this will teach your dog the down position from standing avoiding the pitfalls may dog owners hit of  their dog having to sit before they will move into the down position. Once your dog is in the correct position once again use your marker word  such as Yes or Nice and reward. Once your dog has mastered this position then move onto pairing the behaviour with a cue word such as 'down' or 'drop' <br> Down is a little more difficult and requires quite a bit of patience, as some dogs will have a tendency to pounce at your hand instead of lying down. Always remember to praise the dog as they receive the treat for extra positive reinforcement.

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