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Natural Dog Treats – What customers really should know!

Natural Dog Treats – What customers really should know!

This article could save your dog's life - ensure quality, hygiene and safety

Over the last 12 – 24 months the UK has seen a huge rise in dog owners shunning the dreaded rawhide treat and choosing 100% Natural Dog Treats and Chews. This is one of the most exciting developments in doggy care second only to the surge in positive based training methods.

There are huge benefits to feeding Natural Dog Treats and chews that we have covered in other articles. With this rise in popularity there has been an influx of Natural Treat suppliers on the market, but how much do doggie parents really know about the industry, the legal requirements and most importantly quality control to ensure your fur babies are getting truly healthy products? Yes, we get that this is the boring stuff but this research into your supplier will mean ethical sourcing of treats, the correct storage, labelling of products and most importantly keeping your precious dog safe. Here is the low down on the legal requirements and the questions you should be asking your supplier.

1. Are you Trading Standards Registered? In the UK if you are a business and make, sell or use animal feed you must register with your local Trading Standards office.

How to ensure your supplier is Trading Standards registered? If your supplier is Trading Standards Registered they will have a GB Trading Standards registration number.

2. Are you registered with the Rural Payment’s Agency? As natural dog treats are Animal By-Products (ABP) every location storing any such products should have a CPH number. The purpose of this is to do with disease prevention and control. If there were to be a livestock disease outbreak in an area all ABP storage facilities would be notified to ensure that any diseases are not linked with a company’s natural treat stock.

How to ensure your supplier is registered? Correctly set up companies that stores natural treats will have a County Parish Number (CPH)

3. Are you DEFRA/APHA Registered? In order to sell any natural dog treats, you have to be registered with DEFRA due to the ABPs. This ensures products are sourced ethically, stored and labelled correctly all adhering to correct legal legislations. How to ensure your supplier is registered? DEFRA will issue a company with a registration number

They are the legal minimums, here are our other top signs to make sure your supplier is really taking their business seriously and putting the health of your dog first. 1. All products will be labelled with the following information – this includes boxes of loose mixed treats. This is a legal requirement.

- Ingredients So you know exactly what is in each item - Analytical content Protein, Fibre, Fat, Moisture Most importantly this will tell you the fat content - Used by date This one is simple, this product is good to feed until the date specified - Batch Number This is a super important one – this allows suppliers to recall products should any issue arrive with a particular batch of products. 2. Products to be sourced from the UK or the EU This is not a legal requirement, however, this ensures quality as the EU and UK have very strict rules about Animal By-Products. I think the question is do you want to be buying dog treats from China?

3. Insurance Does your supplier have relevant business insurance to cover their business operations and practices?

Now we absolutely know that this article will cause lots of conversations with small natural treat businesses who are adamant the above does not apply to them, we invite any such business to contact the DEFA/APHA helpline on the following number to confirm 03000 200 301. The information online is not tailored to smaller natural treat business and on initial reading often seems like its not applicable.

Why are we writing this article? We are super passionate about what we do and the industry we work in. It is also super important to us that customers are fully aware of where their products are coming from and that they are stored and processed correctly. Most important that treats are safe and the best they can be for all of our fur babies.

Happy Hound Treats Registration details can be found in our T&C’s section 20 https://www.happyhoundtreats.co.uk/terms

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