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Top 10 Natural Treats & Chews for Your Puppy - Happy Hound Treats

Top 10 Natural Treats & Chews for Your Puppy


Are you adding a new puppy to your family? If so then this truly is an exciting occasion! When preparing to welcome a pup there are so many considerations, things like bedding, toys, training and food. Something that is often overlooked is what kind of treats and chews you will give to your puppy. Some natural selections can help with training, teething, and help to promote calmness. Last month, our blog Healthy Dog Treats and Chews addressed natural treats that dogs love and their health benefits. There is such a wide variety of foods and treats out there for dogs. Commercially mass-produced dog treats and chews tend to include many ingredients and sugars that should be avoided. When your puppy matures to eight weeks, it graduates from puppy mush to dog food and this is when you can introduce natural treats & chews! But since puppies' tummies are sensitive, we need to be careful of what we feed them. When looking at training treats and chews, the key is to find products with a single source-protein and low-fat percentages. These will be more gentle on their young stomachs.

Our Top 10 Puppy Treats Longer lasting chews to help with Teething & Calmness

Gnawing and biting things are how your young pup of around twelve weeks loses its milk teeth to make room for its adult teeth. You'll know "teething time" has come when your fur baby starts drooling a lot, sticking foot-in-mouth, chewing everything, and sometimes leaving a mixture of blood and saliva on chew-toys. Teething is one of the most destructive times of a young pup's life, so giving them an outlet not only protects your furniture, but it also relieves their sore gums and teeth.

1. Split antler - these are a humane and constructive way for your pup to let its chewing energy out. Split antlers are cut in half to reveal the marrow, which is the part your dog loves and is much softer for young pups. This makes it a lot easier to get the nutrients out and accustom themselves to chewing things they're allowed to (instead of your shoes).

2. Root chew - this kind of chew is selected from trees such as Java or Heath, which are dense and don't splinter. They are not as hard as bone and do not hurt over-excited dog's teeth. Root Chews can last a very long time, and they're 100% natural; 100% wood.

3. Pizzle - this is a single-ingredient treat (also known as a bully stick) that is essentially the organ of a bull. Dogs love organ meats, and they're good for them! Pizzles are 100% beef, high in protein, and very digestible.

4. Yak snack - the Yak Snack is a long-lasting, tasty dog chew made using the 100% natural hard cheese that the people of the Himalayas have enjoyed for centuries. The Yak Snack is a variation of the traditional food that is both a healthy and a low-fat treat for your dog.

For Training

As soon as you get your pup, begin training right away. We love games-based training and highly recommend checking out AbsoluteDogs. Don't forget to always be patient and positive!

We will continue our top 10 list with some training treats.

5. Pork spaghetti - this treat is 100% pig intestine or "spaghetti." It is very high in protein and has only one ingredient and source of protein. Pork spaghetti is very digestible for dogs (unlike other parts of a pig). We recommend chopping up into small pieces to use for training.

6 to 10. Doggy Sausages – Yes we cheated a little here, so we will throw in some bonus feel-good treats. Venison sausage, Liver sausage, Chicken sausage, Roast beef & Golden Paste sausages are firm favourites for many dogs. We use these as our main training treat, they are super high value and can be cut into tiny pieces to avoid overfeeding.

Bonus Feel-Good Treats

Trachea - this is 100% single ingredient (beef) and fully digestible. It's also good for your dog's joints.

Beef gullet and gullet tubes - these contain some amino acids that are also good for joints and mobility.

Fish cubes - fish is high in Omega 3's, which help the development of the brain and its functions.

Beef tripe - not only is beef tripe nutritious, but its texture cleans out your dog's gums, teeth and natural enzymes help settle upset tummies.

Happy Hound Treats is an independent family-run business, specialising in affordable, high-quality, natural training treats and chews.

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