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Customer Rewards & Referral Scheme

It's now easier than ever to join our customer rewards and referral scheme!

Simply create your account (and gain 100 points in the process) and gain 5 points for every £1 you spend on the Happy Hound Treats website.

If you refer a friend, using your personalised link - and they go on to make a purchase - you'll both receive 500 points, which can be immediately converted into a £5 voucher!

So How Does It Work?

Sign Up

Simply click the button below to bring up the rewards program menu and click "start earning".

Fill Out Your Details

Fill out your name, email address and input a password - then click "create" and your rewards account will be created.

Check Your Rewards

Your 100 points for signing up will be immediately credited to your account. For every £1 you spend, you'll receive 5 points, which can be converted to vouchers for use on our website.

Refer A Friend

You'll also receive a personalised referral link to share with your friends and family - or anyone else for that matter! If they click the link, sign up - and make a purchase - you'll both receive a £5 coupon to spend with us!

Redeem Your Voucher

To redeem your points, simply click "ways to redeem" on the home screen and then "redeem" on the voucher you wish to use.

Use Your Voucher Immediately

To use your voucher immediately, simply click "apply code" and continue your shop as normal. The voucher will be applied automatically - with the amount taken off your order value.

Save Your Voucher For Later

If, after clicking redeem, you realise you'd actually like to save your voucher for later - then fear not! Once you click redeem the voucher code will be automatically sent to you via email so that you can use it whenever you wish!