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Ruff & Tumble

Ruff & Tumble

Drying Coats

The Ultimate Drying Coat

The Ultimate Dog Drying Coat - Ruff and Tumble are the market leaders in Dog Drying Coats. Their high-quality, super-absorbent, double thickness soft cotton towelling drying rugs, with their unique, practical yet stylish design, is what sets Ruff & Tumble apart from other brands. Everything made by Ruff and Tumble is designed with dogs and their owners in mind. Dog Drying Robes & Mitts are the ultimate solution for managing wet dogs. Designed with care, and made from top quality cotton towelling, the Ruff and Tumble range is simply essential for dog owners everywhere.

The Original

Unlike other brands Ruff and Tumble uses a signature double layer of natural cotton towelling. The inside layer wicks moisture from the dog's coat and the body heat pushes the moisture through to the outer layer of towelling. This unique double thickness towelling prevents the dog from sitting in a cold damp coat helping to prevent arthritis. Ruff & Tumble coats are made with a high density cotton loop towelling which prevents any snagging and offers maximum surface area for drawing moisture from your dog's coat.

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