All Natural Delights

Hairy Cow Ears are the ultimate low fat, natural, healthy treat an excellent alternative to pig ears. In fact, these are our favourite treats!

Aids as a natural de-wormer
Grain-free & Gluten-free, a healthy treat, perfect for dogs with allergies
Low Fat, so if weight gain is a concern or your dog is on a low-fat diet these are perfect
Improve dental health, cow ears have a natural cleaning effect on your dog’s teeth, helping to loosen and remove plaque
Low odour or Grease cow ears are completely dry with no grease and very little if any, odour

Suitable for puppies and dogs from 8 weeks of age.  


Cows Ears - with fur

  • Ingredients
    100% Beef

    Analytical Constituents: 
    Protein 90.0%, Fat 1%, Fibre 1%, Moisture 10%