All Natural Delights

Hooves are naturally tasty treats made with 100% meat. they provide a long lasting treat for your dog. If your dog loves to chew for hours, then they will love chewing on cow hooves. A cow hoof is durable, easily lasting a full day for moderate to power chewers.

While the idea of eating these treats might seem a little on the gross side, dogs absolutely love them. They are naturally healthy as they are high in protein.

100% Natural
100% High-Quality Meat
No Artificial Flavourings
No Artificial Colourings
High in Protein

Why not increase the fun for your dog and stuff the hooves with Woof Butter or JR Pate?

Safe for all dogs from 12 weeks

Cow Hoof (1 Piece)

  • Ingredients 
    Beef 100%
    Protein 30%, Fat 22%, Ash 40.1%, Moisture 4%