All Natural Delights

100% Venison skin chews are the perfect way to satisfy your dog’s primal chewing instinct, and keep them occupied.

Venison is a premium protein for your dog and it is known as the most nutritious of all red meats, naturally lean and low in fat. A great option for those dogs with sensitive tummies.

Healthy source of protein and iron
Excellent omega 3 qualities 
Packed with chondroitin to keep joint pain at bay.
A great natural dental chew
Long lasting chew
Low in fat


Suitable for all dogs from 8 weeks.

Venison Skin Chews (3/4 Pieces)

  • Ingredients 100% Deer Skin

    Analytical Constituents
    Protein 88.2%, Fat 4.15%, Ash 0.4%, Moisture 6.34%