All Natural Delights

Pork rolls are completely natural treats made with 100% meat.
They are made with natural pork hide that has been pressed into shape and cooked. Pork hide is naturally hard and is a great treat to keep your dog entertained as they can chew them for a long time.

Pork Rolls are also wheat and gluten free, so they’re an ideal complimentary treat for dogs with wheat or gluten allergy, or those with sensitive stomachs.

100% Natural
Gluten Free
100% High Quality Meat
No Artificial Flavourings
No Artificial Colourings
High In Protein
Low In Fat

Suitable all dogs from 12 weeks

Pork Roll

  • Ingredients
    100% Pork

    Analytical Constituents 
    Protein 77%, Fat, 16%, Ash 1.5%, Fibre 0.5%