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Compostable & Biodegradable 60 Poo Bags with HANDLES

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60 Poo Bags with Handels on a roll 
Adios is on a mission to eliminate microplastics. 

Our dog poo bags are plant-based, compostable and extra thick.
  • Certified HOME compostable
  • Made from natural materials 
  • One of the thickest poo bags available (20 microns thick) 
  • No microplastics 
What’s the difference between degradable bags and biodegradable bags?

Degradable bags are commonly mistaken for biodegradable bags. A degradable bag is a petroleum-based plastic bag that can take up to 1000 years to breakdown, all the while building up within the food chain having potentially devastating effects on the animals that consume them. Biodegradable bags are basically degradable bags with an EPI additive to speed up the breakdown process. It is not clear how long biodegradable bags with this additive take to breakdown and the Science behind it is not widely supported. Adios Plastic’s bags are 100% biodegradable and compostable – meaning that they can safely breakdown back into the Earth within 90 days when composted.

How long does it take for the bags to decompose?

Adios bags will decompose into water, carbon dioxide and biomass in approximately 90 days – when placed into a composting environment or compost system. No harmful chemicals are released into the environment during this process.

Adios poo bags are certified HOME compostable and Industrially compostable.

How do I dispose of the poo bags?

The best way to do this is through a home composter. However, you cannot use this compost for any edible plants. You can also speak to your local council about what industrial composters are in the area and if they accept dog waste.

How thick are the bags?

The bags are 20 microns thick, to give you an idea, most bags on the market are 15 – 18 microns thick. We provide the thickest bags on the market to stop any nasty accidents!