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Doggy Birthday Cake

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Celebrate in style with one of our 10cm woof-approved cakes because everybody deserves a birthday cake on their special day. 

Handmade macaroon cake, topped with delicious peanut butter frosting, the cake – and all its trimmings - are made from the best wholesome ingredients.

 Woof benefits:

    • Grain-free!
    • All natural ingredients and dog safe ink on the topper.
    • No diary, animal products, sugar or grains
    • 100% Dog-friendly and nutritional ingredients
    • Shelf life of 6 month, so plenty of time to munch on!

Ingredients:  Coconut, tapioca & vegetable glycerin topped with our natural sugar-free, plant-based frosting! 


The cake is made from coconut it has a much firmer texture than a sponge type but these can be easily cut with a bread knife or broken apart from underneath into nice chunks.