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Snuffle Ball 6” Pretty Paws

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Pretty Paws
The medium 6” snuffle balls are perfect for dogs of all sizes.

A nice chunky size ball with lots of folds making the ball nice and tight and fab to hide many many treats/kibble within them and not drop out and last for a good amount of time,

Made using a bright high quality polar fleece fabric that you can choose to have the snuffle ball made with from my fabric chart shown on one photo,

Snuffle Balls are used by hiding small treats/kibble within the folds of the ball and then once treats are placed within the fold seal them shut so none are exposed and the trick to a long lasting snuffle ball is the smaller the treat the better as this becomes more of a challenge,

The purpose of the Snuffle Ball helps stimulate your pet and allow them to use their senses to work out how the ball works to retrieve the treats and most of all being a fun way of learning new skills,

The snuffle balls can be placed within the washing machine on a 30oc low spin wash and we always advise to place within a pillow case and not to add any wash powder/liquid or softener as this can deter the smell of treats away, and to air dry,

We also advise that once the treats have all gone from the snuffle ball to remove and put away until the next time being used so that your pet does not associate the ball as being one of their everyday toys and become bored easily or damage the snuffle ball, this way when it does re-appear it’s a whole new exciting learning game again for them

Please do not leave your pets unattended whilst using