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O'tom Tick Twister 2pk


Assorted Colours

Tick Twister is a set of instruments specially designed to remove ticks from the skin of animals and people. It is the only instrument that allows the user to hold the tick without compressing it and to remove the tick by twisting motion rather than pulling. This technique is the best and safest way to remove ticks completely!

Each Clipbox includes 2 tick removers with silicone sleeves to remove small and large ticks on humans and animals. The Clipbox allows you to always have tick removers at hand, it clips to the belt or to a backpack.

The indispensable accessory for removing ticks!

Tick Twister enables a safe tick removal.

Tick Twister enables a quick and painless tick removal.

Tick Twister doesn't leave the tick's rostrum in the skin.

Tick Twister doesn't squeeze the tick's abdomen.

Sold in a pack of 2 hooks (one large and one small).

Tick Twister is sold in blister pack. Each blister pack contains 2 Tick Twister hooks, a large one for removing engorged ticks and a small one for removing very small ticks (from 1/10 of a millimetre).


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