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Snuffle Mat Rainbow Glory

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Rainbow Glory

A Lovely bright handmade 30x30cm snuffle mat which is perfect for all breeds/sizes/ages the mats are made using a heavy hard-wearing rubber base with a high-quality soft polar fleece fabric.

These are the pawfect way to stimulate your pet and allow them to use their senses and learn whilst most of all have fun,

The snuffle mat can be used for a variety of reasons a few of these being:-
- Ideal for using as a slow feeder (if diet is kibble) to slow them fast eaters down
- Helps promote mobility issues
- Relaxes and distracts your dog
- Reduces stress and anxiety

The snuffle mats are machine washable which we always advise to place the mat within a pillow case and a few more towels within the washer so it isn’t banging around the washing machine and on a 30oc low spin wash using no wash powder/liquid or fabric softener as this will deter the smell of treats, and leave to air dry

We also advise to pick the snuffle mat up and place away once all treats/kibble have gone so that your lovely pet doesn’t associate the mat as being a toy and either damage them or become bored easily, by removing the mat and then later it re-emerging it’s a whole new exciting thing for them to experience again and most of all to learn

Please do not leave your pets unattended whilst using